Our New Affiliate Rewards Program Is Now Live

We have added an affiliate program that rewards users each time someone sign ups using their code!!

21 Sep2016

We just rolled out another update of our invoicing app. We have added an affiliate program that rewards our users with cold hard cash each time someone sign ups to our web application using their referral code. The latest version of QuickInvoice will make invoicing faster and more customizable for individuals and businesses.

Our web application makes it easy for small business owners to create professional invoices and accept payments anytime. Whether you want to send a quotation to a client or simply send an invoice, our online solution helps you manage your finances.

Following are some of the changes we made in the new build 2.4.2

A new referral program added to QuickInvoice. When a user sign ups to QuickInvoice they get a referral code. If they share that code with their friends and they sign up to QuickInvoice using that code, the user will get 25% of their signup fee. Referred friends must sign up with a paid monthly subscription (not the 30 days trial version)

A new product popup added in product line.

A new notification tab added. Set an email format which will be automatically sent to the customer after every 7 days if the payment is due.

A new signup form on the home page of QuickInvoice

Some minor issues reported by our users which we fixed

Add new product issue fixed.

Fixed popup issues.

Fixed invoice and quotation download PDF issue.

These changes are available now in your QuickInvoice account. Create an invoice to see for yourself.

Happy Invoicing!

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