EZY Finance has made billing my clients less hectic. The app is very user-friendly and I also use it to send quotations. As a freelance designer, I highly recommend this app to any freelancer who wants to automate the whole billing process.

Invoice Application reviews

— Art director, Arteous

EZY Finance is an essential tool for our business, its simplicity and functionality has significantly shortened the time spent on monthly invoicing and expense tracking. If you haven’t tried it yet — you are missing out!

Invoice app reviews

— Technical Head, BailSoft

As with most business owners, invoicing is one of my least favorite tasks. I have been in business since 2009 and definitely tried my share of invoicing tools. Unlike many of the other programs I’ve tried, EZY Finance is both user-friendly and adaptable to the way I like to bill my clients. Most importantly, I’m not forced to pay for features I don’t need. EZY Finance gives me more time to do the things I actually enjoy doing in my business because I’m spending less time with overly complicated billing systems.

Invoice Application review

— Sohaib Patel, Datatude Technologies

The best part of EZY Finance for me is the speed. I have been sending paper invoices for years, and getting slow payments back. With EZY Finance, during the course of a single phone call with a client, I was able to create their invoice, mark it as sent (since they had the paper one already), take their credit card, and process the payment with PayPal. It’s a huge step up for my turnover.

Invoice App review

— Operations Manager, TacitHost