Pricing - Try EZY Finance for free for 30 days

EZY Finance is made for freelancers and small businesses and so is the pricing

Only $5 /month
(Almost a cup of coffee and a muffin)

All Plans Include

Create and send invoices
How to fill quotation in Invoice
Send quotations to prospects
Add multiple businesses
Invoice app security
Send auto Invoice
Reminders and notifications to your clients
Invoice Management Online
Add unlimited users
Receive payments online
Download PDF and print invoice

Billing & Price Plan

You can check the billing and pricing plan of all your accounts in this tab. We also remind every user of their billing update via email. The expiry and subscription dates are saved in our software solution. The charges of our subscription are only $5/month. Our application is 100% secure and we use industry-standard SSL encryption for all traffic. Our app also performs daily backup of your data.

  • *    Billing and pricing plan of all your accounts.
  • *   Email reminders of your subscription expiry.
  • *    Subscription charges are only $5/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my credit card be billed?

Cancel at any time during your trial and you won't be charged.

Can I get invoiced instead of paying through a credit card?

Absolutely. Just contact support to get that set up.

Will my data be secured and private?

Absolutely. You access EzyFinance through a secure SSL connection. Your data is not public and can only be viewed only after you are authenticated using an encrypted connection.

Can I change plans?

You can change your plan at any time. All features of the new plan that you select will be effective as soon as you make the change, but your bill amount will not change until your next bill date.

How long are your contracts?

All EZY Finance plans are month to month and you may cancel at any time. It's easy to stop your service at any time.

Will EZY Finance work for any type of business?

EZY Finance has been built to answer any business needs in terms of invoices.