Send quotations to prospects

This feature allows freelancers and business owners to send quotations of their services or products to potential clients/customers in just a few clicks. The great thing about our quotation feature is that, you don’t need to go through the process of creating a new invoice, after your quotation has been approved by the client.

  • *   Send quotation via email.
  • *   Attach PDF file of your business proposal in the email.
  • *    Choose subject line and add multiple mail recipients.

Convert quotations to invoice

With our app, you can convert any of your quotations into invoice with ease. Not only this, your quotation history is also saved, so whenever you feel the need to review all the quotations you have sent to different prospects all the data is saved in EZYFinance. Quotation history makes it easy to follow up and keep track of your work.

  • *   Convert any of your quotations into invoice.
  • *   Send quotations of new products/services to your existing customers.
  • *    View your quotation history.