Add as many customers as you want

Our solution allows you to add as many customers as you want in one account. Freelancers and small business owners can easily manage their invoices and quotation without hassle. The great thing about our solution is the ability to retrieve the invoice data whenever you want. The history of your invoices and quotations are also saved so you can view how much money you made in a particular month.

Seamless customer addition process

To successfully create a new customer, all you need to do is add company name, contact name, contact email, address, zip code, contact number, city and country and you can generate as many invoices as you want. You can also send quotations using the same account. Everything that’s been sent from our solution lands directly in the ‘inbox’ of your customer, allowing you to get paid faster for your services or product.

Send invoices or quotations to your customers

If you send an invoice or quotation to a customer who’s already been added in your EZY Finance account, the process becomes more seamless. Our application makes it easy to send invoices to multiple recipients at the same time. Attach PDF files to show work evidence and various subject line. The amount receivable also gets altered for each customer whenever you send a new invoice.